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7185 Transversal 39a
Medellín, Antioquia, 050031

300 296 5679

Flying Tree Yoga: Clases de Yoga, Masaje y Bienestar en Medellín, Colombia


Flying Tree Open Day - free events!

Flying Tree Open Day - free events!

Come join us for a day of Yoga, massage, meditation and community - all totally free

10AM: yoga flow (English)

11.30AM: yoga for beginners (Spanish)

12.30AM - 1.30PM: community potluck - share food and conversation and meet new friends! Just bring a dish or drink to add to the table

2:00PM-3.30PM: Introduction to Thai massage (Spanish / English) - learn a few of the basic techniques for Thai massage

4.00-5.30PM: "Shift your mindset, shift your life" (Spanish / english) - how to create powerful, positive changes in your life

6.30-8.00PM: relaxing yoga (english / spanish)

In Flying Tree Yoga, transversal 39a #71-85, barrio Laureles

For more information or to reserve your spot on one of the workshops, please email us, or call / whatsapp (+57) 314 739 6451

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Shift Your Mindset Shift Your Life
4:00pm 4:00pm

Shift Your Mindset Shift Your Life

Shift Your Mindset to Create Positive, Powerful Changes in Your Life

Are you ready to create positive, powerful changes in your life, sooner rather than later?

If so, then why wait?

Are you...

* Tired of feeling that others seem to hold your power?
* Exhausted from dealing with toxic relationships, jobs or other life circumstances?
* Not finding the love and approval you need?
* Allowing anger and negativity to drain you?
* Unable to express yourself clearly and with ease?
* Wanting to finally forgive yourself and others?
* Ready to let go of what is holding you back?
* Create abundance in your life?

If you are ready, join me for a 1.5 hour workshop to learn how to let go of negative beliefs you are holding that will allow you to shift your mindset, and in turn shift your life. 
*Shift happens, make your shift and join me at Flying  Tree Yoga Sunday October 1st for this free workshop, offered by yours truly, Nicole from Destination Self Love.

For more information, whatsapp: Nicole Macey, +1 (530) 414-4219

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Yoga fundraiser for Enciendo mi Corazón
4:30pm 4:30pm

Yoga fundraiser for Enciendo mi Corazón

Come join us for a donation-based yoga class followed by free juice and cookies! All proceeds go to our friends at the Fundación enciendo mi Corazón, a charity dedicated to bringing yoga to children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Medellín!

Price: whatever donation you would like to give

contact: / (+57) 314 739 6451 (whatsapp)

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Beginners' meditation workshop: reconnecting with the soul (in Spanish)
2:00pm 2:00pm

Beginners' meditation workshop: reconnecting with the soul (in Spanish)

This workshop is aimed at those who want to take a conscious approach to meditation, and to deepen their practice Why meditate and how? How can you manage stress through meditation? What factors make for a good meditation? How can you use active meditation to heal?

We will be looking at these tools and many more to reconnect with your soul and to bring peace, tranquility and harmony to your life.

We will learn several types of meditation and we will practice several in our group; at the end you will have the possibility of learning what message your guides have for you. It is a wonderful space for learning, growth elevation of the soul, created especially for you - we wait with a great deal of love!

Date: Saturday 26th August 2017

Time: 2 p.m a 5 p.m 

Address: Transversal 39a # 71- 85 Barrio Laureles. Medellín- Colombia 

Taught by: Edgar Payares

Price: 30 mil pesos

More information (Spanish) +573022876734

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Community Potluck

Get to know other students and members of our Yoga community in our potluck! Bring some food or drink to share and make some new friends.

Class: 10.00-11.20am; price 25.000

Potluck: 11.30-12.30pm: free (just bring some food or drink)

contact: / (+57) 314 739 6451 (whatsapp)

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